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Protect your business with the

RPS Business Owner's Policy

✔  Personal & Advertising Injury

✔  Bodily Injury

✔  Property Damage

✔  Damage to Personal Property

✔  Losses from Fire, Theft & Water Damage

Who needs Business Owner's coverage?

As a business owner you need a simple insurance solution to protect your business. That's why we offer a single comprehensive policy designed for small businesses that includes General Liability and Business Personal Property coverages.

Clubs and Associations

Financial Services


Real Estate

Retail Stores

Service Businesses


Wholesale Businesses

What does the RPS Business Owner's Policy cover? 

We offer coverage for small business owners with up to $1M in revenue, protecting against liability and business personal property losses. 

Personal & Advertising Injury

Covers damages due to defamation in character.

Bodily Injury

Covers damage as a result of an injury, such as slip and fall, or Mental Anguish or Emotional distress related to injury.

Property Damage

Covers damage inflicted by the insured to another person's property.

Damage to Personal Property

Covers property you own that is used in your business, property of others that you are responsible for, improvements made to your rented space, including fixtures, and personal property you are leasing and are required to insure.

Unexpected Events

Covers losses incurred as a result of fire, theft, or water damage.


Is this form admitted or non-admitted?

Policies are written on an admitted basis in all offered states.