With the current COVID-19 situation affecting all of our clients, we have enhanced RPS Crisis Protect to include support and advice around COVID-19

via the unique RPS Portal and the Ask the Expert feature, giving our clients direct access to a wide range of subject matter experts on demand.

RPS Crisis Protect

RPS Crisis Protect is a comprehensive crisis management solution; combining indemnities for 1st party, 3rd party and response with pre and post incident risk management services for a wide range of security events


Recent events highlight the dynamic and wide ranging security crises that businesses face, such as active assailant, workplace violence / assault and large scale emergency evacuations. These crises can cause serious disruption, financial loss, adverse publicity and potential legal liability that can impact your business and profits.


Our solution helps businesses take care of employees and the public, while minimizing disruption to the business.

What's included with RPS Crisis Protect?

Crisis Management Portal

24/7 Response Consultants

Post Incident Guidance and Advice

Information and templates to enable Insureds to increase resilience to security-related crises

Immediate advice and support in a crisis from a panel of retained response consulant companies

Lessons identified, counseling advice, legal support, incident log summary case file for audit and records

Online Document Library

Quarterly webinars on key issues and topics, thought leadership papers,

6 Active Shooter awareness videos

Access to Live Incident Log

Ensures that key decisions and actions are captured as part of duty of care and for audit purposes

Summary Incident Log

Incident Log Summary Case File for audit and records

RPS Crisis Protect is available online via RPSSmallBusiness.com or your RPS preferred professional.

RPS Crisis Protect

Fixed annual premium of $2k

  • For clients with revenues less than $250m
  • Excluded client types: public sector / education
  • Fixed indemnities
    • First party $1m
    • Third party $100k
    • Crisis Consultant costs $1m (paid directly by policy)

Crises Covered



Civil Commotion



Emergency Repatriation


Product Tampering

(Consultant costs only)

Hostage Crisis





Cyber Extortion

(Consultant costs only)



Vicious Attack



Employee Dishonesty


What is RPS Crisis Protect?



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RPS Crisis Protect is a comprehensive crisis management solution; combining indemnities for 1st party, 3rd party and response with pre and post incident risk management services for a wide range of security events.

What services are included?


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RPS Crisis Protect is supported by a comprehensive crisis consultancy package that helps clients build resilience and helps address duty of care.


In the event of an incident insureds have the support of world leading crisis consultants that are made available by calling one number.


The solution supports clients during the three phases of a crisis: Pre-incident, During the incident, and Post-incident.

What is a crisis defined as?




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Crisis means any decisive, unstable or crucial time in the policyholder's affairs or business resulting from any insured event(s) that either has directly caused a material disruption; or has the potential to cause: imminent damage to real property and/or property and/or threat thereof and/or financial loss; and/or the reporting of any insured event(s) in local, regional or national media including radio, television, newspaper or magazines which is likely to cause a material disruption to the policyholder and/or insured person(s) and/or bodily injury and/or death or disablement to any insured person(s)

Do small businesses need this coverage?



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This product is designed with small businesses in mind. It enables access to crises response consultants for a wide range of crises without having to buy multiple other products at a much greater cost, e.g. Terrorism insurance, product recall cover, kidnap and ransom cover.

How is this policy better than other options on the market?



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There are no similar policies in the marketplace that offer indemnity and response coverage for as broad a range of insured events with as extensive a range of risk management services.




Isn't this already covered under most business insurance plans?



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The short answer is “No.” In order to obtain coverage for as broad a range of crises, many separate insurance policies would have to be purchased at a much higher cost to your business.

What is the cost of not buying the coverage and self-insuring a crisis?



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In the absence of this coverage you, as a business, may not know who to turn to in the event of a crisis to get 24/7 access to crisis consultants and your financial loss may not be indemnified.

Who is the insurance carrier?




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Lloyds of London and American International Group (AIG) UK Ltd

Are taxes and fees included in the quoted premium?



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No, applicable taxes and fees will be added at bind.

What is the claims-handling process?



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Insureds have access to a 24-hour data hotline to report actual or even suspected incidents.

Can the insurer cancel the policy?




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The policy may only be cancelled by the Insurer if the Policyholder fails to pay the required premium.

What if there are questions that are not answered here?



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You can call your preferred RPS Producer or contact us using the form at the bottom of the page.

What does the cover include?




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Fixed Indemnitities: 

  • First Party: $1,000,000 (up to 5 locations)
  • Third Party: $100,000

Crisis Consultants:

  • $1,000,000 (‚Äčlimited to $25k for cyber extrortion and product tamper)

What firm provides the crisis response service?



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In the event of an incident, Insureds have the support of world leading crisis consultants that are made available by calling one number.

R3 Continuum PDF

How do I get access to the training, and who provides it?



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Policy is bound, insured receives a welcome email from rpsins.247crisis-protect.com which includes an overview of what’s available online, their account credentials, and a link to the portal.


The insured will then have access to: Online Awareness Training for Active Shooter (6 Awareness Videos), all provided by our third party expert security consultants.