Your Terrorism Solution

Are you protected from the unthinkable?

Today, businesses and individuals are more likely to find themselves exposed to terror attacks. They often occur with no warning and can cause widespread injury and property damage. You may think your business isn’t at risk, but you don’t need to be targeted directly to be impacted.

Who needs terrorism coverage?

Due to the changing and dynamic terrorist threat, terrorism cover is applicable to a wide range of businesses of all sizes across the US. It’s especially important for those who are potential targets, such as those businesses in the following categories:

Businesses located in central business districts

Businesses who have an international footprint or trading presence

Businesses currently buying TRIPRA/TRIA coverage

Businesses that buy Political Risk or Kidnap, Ransom, and Extortion Insurance

What does terrorism insurance include?

Claims Preparation

In the event that property insured under the policy is damaged due to an act of terrorism, claims preparation is included up to 10% of the overall limit of liability or $100 K, whichever is less.


We offer more flexibility than other terrorism products. You can choose which properties to insure, and on what basis. Physical and non-physical coverage is also included.

Non-Certified Acts of Terrorism

Unlike most terrorism insurance, our product includes coverage after an event, even if there isn't physical damage to your business.

Material Damage and

Business Interruption

If you were forced to close or rebuild your business following a devastating event, we would be there to help you recover from financial loss. Our product covers up to $645 M for material damage or business interruption per insured event.

Denial of Access, Contingent Financial Loss, and Threat

We offer protection from financial loss if access to your business is restricted due to an order of evacuation, emergency lockdown, or police authority. Denial of Access, Contingent Financial Loss, and Threat are each covered up to $5 M per insured event.

Loss of Attraction

Does your business rely on a nearby tourist attraction? If this attraction were threatened or attacked, your business could suffer greatly as a result. We cover loss of attraction up to $5 M per insured event.

Brand Rehabilitation

A business' reputation is of the utmost importance, that's why this coverage provides advertising costs and the cost of crisis public relations consultancy in the event of a terror attack.

Utilities and Extinguishment Expense

Timely repairs to equipment, utilities, phone lines, and internet are crucial to a business. Replacing or repairing fire extinguishers, gas flooding systems, sprinklers, and security systems helps get businesses back on track. We cover utilities up to $5 M and extinguishment expense up to $500 K per insured event.

Property Recovery

Contract work? We have you covered. Permanent or temporary contract work at the insured property including materials is covered up to $5 M per insured event. Damage to insured's property at unspecified third party sites is covered up $500 K. Damage to property in transit is covered up to $500 K.


What is the RPS Terrorism Solution?

The fast, easy online application with instant coverage provides for full follow form coverage for certified and non-certified acts of terrorism. It allows for competitive discounted TRIPRA/TRIA pricing and provides the biggest lead only underwriter limit available today for terrorism up to $645 M. Sub-limited non-damage financial loss coverage for loss of attraction, threat and denial of access are all part of the cover.

What is an Act of Terrorism?

This means an act or series of acts, involving the use of force or violence, of any person or group of persons, whether acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organization, committed for political, religious, ideological or similar purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public or any section of the public in fear. For the avoidance of doubt an “act of terrorism” shall include an act of sabotage.

What is an Act of Sabotage?

This is a subversive act or series of acts committed for political, religious or ideological purposes including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public in fear for such purposes.

How is this policy better than other options on the marketplace?

This is the first online, full follow form policy for certified and non-certified acts of terrorism with sub-limited coverage for non-damage financial loss resulting from denial of access (ingress/egress), loss of attraction, and threat placed in the stand-alone terrorism market. The coverage is the broadest currently available and is priced competitively with TRIPRA/TRIA premiums.

Isn't this already covered under All Risks insurance plans?

No. A terrorism policy needs to be purchased either as a TRIPRA/TRIA extension or stand-alone terrorism policy.

Is this form admitted or non-admitted?

Non-admitted. However, binding the coverage through the RPS Small Business platform gives access to automated surplus lines and tax filing.

Who is the carrier of this coverage?

Lloyd's of London

What is the claims handling process?

Alesco RMS

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